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March 2, 2015

Dear Rose Friends,

Do you remember when you first started growing roses?  Whether you were thirteen or thirty, chances are you remember when you got bitten by the “rose bug”.  

You may grow roses for that first-place ribbon at the rose show.  You may grow roses in order to have a beautiful garden where people stop and ask to wander through. Whatever the reason, we all get the same thrill when our buds begin to bloom.

That’s why ARS is here.  We share your love of roses and connect you with new friends who enjoy them, too.  Our educational tools and research programs help rose lovers like you grow better and more beautiful roses in your own backyard.

We need your help to do that.  Donations to Annual Fund help us provide valuable services to our members while keeping membership dues as low as possible.  It only takes a moment to make a gift today by completing and mailing the attached form, by calling, or by making your donation online at our giving page

If you prefer to donate over several months, please consider joining our “Perpetual Bloomers Club". Every gift is important, no matter the size.

On behalf of all of us at the American Rose Society, thank you!


Jeff Ware, Executive Director

Happy Spring and Happy St. Patrick’s Day Rosarians!

Let’s hope the snow, ice and freezing temperatures in much of the country will soon be gone and rose growing can begin in earnest for all of us. This issue of ARS & You has helpful suggestions on how to grow your rose society membership. There is a good article on how to fertilize your roses and another on where to search online to determine not only your local climate and zone, but how to determine plant hardiness for your zone. ARS members enjoy free access to the Modern Roses database that is filled with vital information about all things “roses”.

If you are able to attend the Chicago Flower and Garden Show in March, you can click on the link on page 10 to sign up to be a volunteer and receive an admissions pass for the event on the day of your attendance. This is a great opportunity to help increase both membership in the ARS and the public’s awareness of our favorite flower: THE ROSE.

We hope to have more information about the Deep South/Carolina Districts Mid-Winter Workshop in a future issue of ARS & You.

Rosy regards,

Mary Hext, Editor
Sue Tiffany, Publisher
ARS & You

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The Patron Project Application

For information and an application form CLICK HERE



Our New Year 2014 got off to a roaring start for the Patron Program.  As of July 1, we have 10 Societies, 15 Families, and 17 Individuals who have contributed to the SCD Patron Program.  Thank you!  However, “business has slowed”.  As you will recall, the SCD Executive Board, in October 2013, approved an increase in the amounts of money which could be used to support essential SCD functions; therefore, even more money is returned to the Societies sponsoring SCD functions, like schools and rose shows.  If you have not already contributed to the SCD Patron Program, please consider doing so, at either the Family or Individual level.  A donation form is included on this web site for your convenience.

It is a pleasure to recognize the following Societies, Families and Individuals who have already contributed:

Society Patrons:
Central Arkansas Rose Society
Collin County Rose Society
Corpus Christi Rose Society
Fort Smith Rose Society
Golden Triangle Rose Society
Houston Rose Society
Oklahoma Rose Society
Red River Rose Society
San Antonio Rose Society
Tulsa Rose Society

Family Patrons:
Don & Paula Adlong
Ed & Jo Ann Bradley
James & Sheryl Broussard
Clyde & Becky Davis
Don & Pat Freeman
Eddie & Minnie Garcia
Don & Brenda Johnson
Gerald & Kathy Jones
Earl & Deanna Krause
James & Debbie Laperouse
Dennis & Renee Niklas
Ron & Jan Shannon
Meg & Bill Ware
Murray & Donna Warner
Bert & Kathy Wheeler

Individual Patrons:
Debra Bagley
Dale Dardeau
Karen Gardner
Kathy Harris
Carolyn Hayward
Tommy Hebert
Doug Helberg
Raymond Hicks
Robin Hough
Syble Jeffcoat
David Koch
Carole Mainwaring
Rose Rusnam
Jimmy Sanford
Carol Shockley
Gerald Williamson
Norma Hedrick-Whitehead